I’m an UX Lead who has a passion for UX, people, tech, music, art and life.
I’ve always been interested in the meeting between technology and people. In all 
assignments I work with empathy and curiosity as a my most important tools.

As a UX Lead and Manager I want to empower and support my co-workers, to help them grow and develop, to have fun everyday and to work together towards common goals.

Understanding and listening is a key, and humility together with authenticity and some boldness make the way to create something new.

As a person I’m curious, ambitious, positive and is full of a go-ahead spirit.
In my job as an designer I’ve been told I have eyes of an eagle 😉  – I’m meticulous and go down to pixel level to create balance in the design.

I think there is a story to be told in every work, and you’ll have to find the best way of telling it, – so it’s understandable, joyful and interesting.

I have a good understanding of technology and systems, since I’ve been working closely to – and cooperated with programmers in all projects I’ve done.

I’m fluid in the Adobe CC-package, and have some knowledge of HTML.

In my free time I play and produce music, and have a band: Almost Honey.Creativity, fashion, art, new technologies, snowboarding, photography are other areas that I truly enjoy in life.


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