Per Jansson

Art Direction   /   Concept & Strategy   /   UX

Per Jansson want to be everything that a five-star hotel is for it’s customers, in the real estate world. Competence, responsiveness, quality and commitment are their lead words.

Per Jansson was looking for uniqueness and a responsive site that lived up to their vision.

My work in short:
  • Art Direction
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • User Interface design (UI)
  • User experience (UX)


Per Jansson had a non-responsive webpage that needed a remake. They wanted the new site to reflect and breath their brand/identity in an humble, stylish way.
They had at this point a cooperation with an communication agency, King, who made their ads for the newspaper. They also redesigned their logo a bit. So I got their layout for the physical ads, and a logo.

Then I got free hands to create something new for the digital.


Ads layout

The site also needed a new information structure, so I rearranged and removed elements to get to the sophisticated, easy to navigate site they wanted.

I wanted to make a page that stood out from the rest, but still was breathing quality and style. And that were very dynamic and easy to work with for the user.
I started thinking of bloggs, Tumblr etc and combining that with efficient filtering.

Every objekt should have a presentable marketplace, and I wanted to use the images as i triptych, with a manner of distance in every image: 1) Close-up 2) Further away  3) Overviewpj3

And other page uses three images as well, in a different manner. Important here is that these images reflect Per Janssons values and areas that they are interested in.



I also wanted to make the menu as minimalistic as possible, to let the content take the front row.



Real estate webpages normally don’t have that much direct traffic, the traffic is normally connected through Hemnet here in Sweden. But Per Jansson has exceptionally lot of direct traffic to their site, and many bloggs uses their material. That’s fun I think!

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